Frequently asked questions

Basic information

What is VisitMe™?
VisitMe™ is an organization created in 2006, in order to unite and ease the life of international students in Hungary. It offers a convenient, free, easy and English online food delivery platform to its customers. It is based in Debrecen, Szeged, Pécs and Budapest.
Why should I order from VisitMe™?
On the website you can find all kind of cuisines of super restaurants in all four cities, there is a great variety. The browsing platform is 100% English, very easy to use and free. Every menu is translated, classified in categories with pictures of the meals.

You can easily login through your Facebook or register with your e-mail, and once you have saved your information, you’ll never have to give it again, unless you order from various places, which the website saves for you as well. By registering you can add your favorite restaurants to list, and reorder your favorite previous meals.

VisitMe™ also offers exclusive discounts to its customers on food orders from different restaurants, in periods.

VisitMe™'s customer service is very responsive and helpful, we are always there for our customers in need of help.
On what platform can I use VisitMe™?
VisitMe™ is compatible with all operating system, mobile devices and browsers. The website is mobile optimized, which means you can use it easily, with the same design without any problem on any computer, tablet or mobile. The development of the iOS and Android applications is in progress as well.
What are ‘V coins’ and ‘Coupon shop’?
VisitMe™ has a point system, called V coins, which you get after each order you make. The V coins you can exchange for valuable gifts, coupons, vouchers from VisitMe™ and its partners.
How to get a VisitMe card

The question of the year! Is how do i become a VisitMe card members.
Before all that please note that using the website is free and independent of owning a VisitMe card and the terms to becoming a member differs in each city:
So here are 5 ways to become a member:
    1. Free: each time you order food through you collect points, you can claim a FREE card in exchange for Coins at the Coupon Shop section.
    2. You can become an affiliate promoter for us, share us on social media, make a video on how satisfied you are with VisitMe website, and so on, and we will grant you a card for FREE.
    3. You can buy it for as low as 15 euros for a yearly membership 4900 Ft for the whole year! Just imagine :D
    4. If you belong to a student union such as Nigerian NSA or Israel ISOD, Icelandic or so on you can get it for a special price, contact your union head and ask for the special unon price.
    5. Sell 5 and get your FREE, introduce VisitMe to five of your friends, sell it to them and yours is on the house.

About ordering

How can I order?

Login with your Facebook, or register with your e-mail very easily.

Once you’ve done that, you can already choose the cuisine you desire and build up you order by adding items to your cart in the restaurant’s menu. By clicking on the picture it enlarges, by clicking on the mail it’s automatically to your cart, if the desired food has extra sauces or toppings such as pizzas, you will be able to choose from the restaurant’s variety.

Click ‘Checkout’ on the shopping cart, and you are one step away from ordering. If you did not gave your delivery information previously, you can do it there by filling the required fields. You can select you payment method, what kind of bill you are paying with. You can comment on the order, if you have any additional delivery information or request. You can also comment on each item you have added, to customize your meal, and receive it the best possible and suitable way.  (That you can do in the shopping cart already, before clicking ‘Checkout’.)

By clicking ‘Order’ you will be transferred to a confirmation page, and soon you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail about your order arriving to the restaurant’s system. All you have to do is relax and wait for your mail to be delivered.

If you can’t find your confirmation e-mail check your spam/junk folder.

Where do you deliver to?
VisitMe™ system will only let you order from restaurants, who are delivering to your area.
What are those information of the restaurants?
You can find all relevant important information about the restaurants as you browsing them. Open hours, delivery time, minimum order fee for delivery, delivery fee, payment method and cuisine.
What is TOP10?
In the TOP10 you can find the chosen restaurant’s most popular meals, based on order statistics.
How can I add favorite restaurants?
Simply by clicking ‘Add Favorites’ on the top right corner of the restaurant’s menu. You can find all your favorites on the top right corner of the website, by clicking on the yellow star.
I want to cancel or change something in my order.
The quickest way is the contact the restaurant, which phone’s number you can find on the confirmation page or in the confirmation e-mail. In case you need any help you can contact us by e-mail [email protected], or by writing us on Facebook, and we will answer you as fast as we can.

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Where is my order?
Your order is probably on its way, delivery might take more time depending on the overload of the restaurants. If it was cancelled you would have received notification via e-mail or phone. If you want to make sure, the quickest way is the contact the restaurant, which phone’s number you can find on the confirmation page or in the confirmation e-mail. In case you need any help you can contact us by e-mail [email protected], or by writing us on Facebook, and we will answer you as fast as we can.

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Where are my previous orders and can I re-order?
You can easily check your previous order my clicking on your NameàMy order or by clicking on the right top corner on the symbol. There you can see all of your order detailed, and by clicking re-order it automatically goes to your cart.
Why is there an over crossed and a normal price?
This means that the restaurant you are browsing is giving discount, the over crossed price is the real price, the one not is the price you are getting only on!
I placed my order, but now the restaurant is now closed.
Don’t worry, if you have placed your order before the restaurant have closed, you will receive it, if otherwise, you will receive notification about it via e-mail or phone.

Technical questions

I cannot sign in or I forgot password, what do I do?
If you entered a wrong email address, you will get notified that you might misspelled it and you can try again. If you still missed it after several times, you probably registered with another email address.

If you forgot your password, and you would like to reset your password and request for a new one, click on "Forgot your password?". You will need to enter your registered email address and then you will receive an email from VisitMe™ that allows you to reset your password.

If you cannot find the e-mail about the new password, please check spam folder in your email account.

How do I know they received my order?
You always get a detailed confirmation e-mail about your order. If anything happens, you will receive an e-mail or a call if the restaurant had to cancel your request. That could only happen if they had technical issues or ran out of the dish you would have ordered.
If I get a confirmation email they surely will deliver my order?
Yes. The only case it is not happening if the restaurant has technical issues or run out of an ingredient. In that case you will be notified.
How can I modify my information?
You can easily modify your information by clicking on Your nameàProfile settings, where you can modify everything, also you can add addresses by typing in a new one, clicking Save. (This doesn’t mean that your previous addresses has gone, only it was added to your addresses, from which you can chose whenever at Checkout)


Do I have to register?
Yes, you have to register to order, but that is only for your convenience in the future.
Who can see my information and orders?
You information is only seen by the VisitMe team, and the restaurant can only see the relevant information they need to complete your order. We handle your data with security, every employee and restaurant has signed a form of privacy policy.

Customer service

I have problems with my delivered order, what to do?
In case you are not satisfied with the service the restaurant provided, you can leave a feedback at Your orders, by clicking Rate my order, where you can rate and comment on your order, which we will process, and make sure the problem won’t happen again. Please note that these rating are not processed immediately, if you need assistance at the moment please contact us by e-mail [email protected], or by writing us on Facebook, and we will answer you as fast as we can.

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How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us by e-mail [email protected], or by writing us on Facebook, and we will answer you as fast as we can.

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