About VisitMe™ card


What VisitMe™ Card gets you?

- Owning a VisitMe™ card makes you part of an exclusive group of people, who has the best prices and most convenient life in the city
- VisitMe card exclusively grants you up to 50% discounts in the best Restaurants, Beauty salons, Gyms and other useful places all over the city 
- Once a week you get 40-50% off at one of the many prestigious restaurant in the city, and we guarantee this each week of the study period 

Activating your card is very easy:
1. Go to your Profile Settings (Top left corner, click on your name)
2. At the bottom you see VISITME CARD OPTIONS:
3. Type in the scratch off code from the back of your card
4. Type in your card number (Bottom right corner of card)
5. Click Activate and you are DONE!

Please find a scratch box on the back, under this box each card has a unique code which has to be register at www.visitme.hu in order to activate your card & increase the discounts & enjoy more benefits such as discounts on home delivery. This card is personal and should be only used by its owners, please show the card before asking for the bill. Discounts may be refused if card is presented after the bill has already been printed, discounts may be canceled by the business owners at any time without notice. Please write your name at the back of the card beforehand, you have to have the card on you in order to enjoy its benefits. Please note: new places may be added to the discount system during the semester, please follow the updates at our VisitMe page or application and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/visitme.hu) or Instagram to stay tuned on all our news! Please note again each card gives discount up to 10,000ft per day per restaurant once activated! Also note that discounts mentioned at the restaurants are only when sitting in the restaurant, for online delivery discounts please check www.visitme.hu or the VisitMe app!

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